We Boudoir Too: Feminine Spirit Edition

Back at it again. After the first blog and shoot I realized just how big this project can be. It’s easily turning into a movement. I wasn’t sure when I would have time to host another free shoot. With the holidays coming, I started working part time at a portrait studio and my already schedule shoots/events, I was afraid I wouldn’t get to do the next shoot until the beginning of the new year. Then an event was canceled and I didn’t want to waste the day. 

Flyer I made to advertise the shoot.

Flyer I made to advertise the shoot.

I had two weeks to prepare. I made a flyer, another Google Form and started spreading the word. After the Masculine Center Shoot folks where already on the look out for my next one. So it didn’t talk long to get models. Unfortunately I was only shooting one day instead of 3 like last time, so slots were limited. It was first come first served and within a hour I had 8 folks scheduled. 

Although I appreciate the loyalty I told the folks who sent me screenshots that this is not a competition. 

While in the mix of getting things together, it was brought to my attention that another local photographer was doing a weekend full of boudoir shoots at the same time I was . After releasing images from the first shoot I noticed a few photographers posting ads searching for POC for boudoir shoots. Although I appreciate the loyalty I told the folks who sent me screenshots that this is not a competition. 

#WeBoudoirToo is a movement and I can’t possibly photograph every person of color lol. I was honored and humbled that folks were comparing my work to photographers that I look up to. Photographers I know that have been doing this for years and had real training. And here is little old me with just a year of experience and some online video training (aka YouTube). I was also glad that other photographers were recognizing the importance of having more people of color in this type of photography. That is the whole point of this project .

So the day came and I hadn’t had much sleep the night before but I was gonna get this done. I order a white backdrop that didn’t arrive in time for the shoot so I had to improvise. Although I was using the same space as the masculine centered shoot I didn’t want it to look that way. I purchase a new rug, swapped out the bed for a leather futon and changed the art work on the wall. 

The set up.

The set up.

I knew that the way I posed these models would be important. I didn’t want them to come off like a Lil Kim’s poster. I wanted these images to be elegant and classy wall worthy images. 

Just like last time the models showed up and showed out. I was wondering how I could top the masc4masc couple photo that became very popular from the first shoot. Then Jennifer Eden came along with her coproducer Dez of Haux Hive and I was able to capture a moment that I believe will be as equally popular as the masc4masc couple photo. 


There where some mistakes made during this shoot. Not everyone felt as comfortable as they should. And I take full responsibility for this. I’m still learning as I travel this journey but I will always hold myself accountable for my actions. I should have made them aware ahead of time that I  had someone assisting me. I also should have picked up on their discomfort during the shoot especially since I have worked with them before. That was totally my fault and I have apologized. I’ve also made the proper adjustments so that this does not happen again. I truly appreciate this person for coming forward and setting me in my place. 

Flaws and all the shoot was just as successful as the last one. All the models were satisfied with the images. I’m super proud of all that I’ve captured. Let me know what you think. 

So what’s next? Men!!! Yup, the next free shot will be dudeoir. So if you know of anyone who maybe interested please send them my way. I’m also planing an art exhibit to showcase the #WeBoudoirToo project. To raise funds for this event and bring more awareness to this project I’ve designed some very cool merchandise available for preorder here.

Now you can view all the #WeBoudoirToo Project images here. This page will be updated every month with more photos as the project grows. So make sure you are following me on all social media outlets and subscribe to mailing list